Industrial internet of things (IIoT) Platform

BILEN Analytica

Gain new insights, solve complex problems, increase productivity and reduce costs in all your processes.

BILEN Analytica gives you the ability to remotely monitor, control and analyze your processes and energy consumption anytime. Sensors (Things) can be easily connected via plug and play to one closed cloud network.
The integrated BILEN Cloud offers you a variety of further functions. From an alarm function in the event of a deviation to planning, documentation and management of activities (like maintenance services).

No more paper work. Everything is stored digital.

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Endless scenarios

The possibilities are endless. If you have a sensor, you can measure and monitor it.

Low code - No code

Dashboard and workflows can be easily created by drag and drop.

Easy to customize

Customize your dashboard or slice and dice your dataset. You decide.

Digital transformation

New technology can lead to new challenges. We support your organisation and workforce with fully comprehensive training.

Intelligent algorithm

Millions of data is generated daily by just one machine. We want to understand and learn to reduce critical production downtimes.

Continuous further development

We believe in a digital future and a changing world - which we want to drive.

BILEN Analytica
Sensor slots / box

Standard Use Case - One BILEN Box per machine with the possibility of up to 400 sensor slots.

Monthly subscription fee / box

Additional one-time costs are dependend from project size and scope.

Well, no! You can actually save costs with our solution.
  • Track your cycle times Cost saving

    Identify in a few clicks which one of your machines is performing below the definied cycle time, drill-down on process level and initiate immediately corrective measures.

  • Monitor energy consumption Cost saving

    Reduce your CO2 footprint and save energy costs by monitoring the energy usage (e.g. cooling, air and power) of your machine and facility, to eliminate unnecessary consumption.

  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance Cost saving

    Machine is stopped, but the cooling cycle is still active? Experts know what could happen. The mould or tool will get rusty and product quality will decrease.

  • Increase teamwork and communication Time saving

    Schedule, deploy and track all your maintenance and work orders digital and tagged to your machine. No more paper work required. Simply use it as a virtual teamboard within your meetings and everybody is in the loop.

  • Comply with your management system Time saving

    All your work orders are saved digital to each of your machine and equipment history. The work orders can be printed as pdf or paper in seconds. No more searching required and fully compliant to management system requirements.

  • Predict the next service Cost saving

    Based on the machine specific data and our experience we predict the next service stop. Like with your car. Next service in 20.000 cycles!
    Note: This feature is currently under development. Release in 2022.

Unlimited possibilites
The full-featured IIoT Box with modular extensions

The BILEN Box allows the integration of a variety of commercially available sensors (e.g. pressure and volume, temperature, vibration, current, voltage). The modular design offers you unlimited possibilities by connecting up to 400 sensors per box to create your own digital twin.

Slice and dice through your data
Shop floor data collection based on your needs

Connect and manage IIoT devices. Collect and visualize IIoT device data via flexible and responsive analytics with relevant visualization options for each use case. Quickly identify waste in your process and become cost efficient. Define your own thresholds and receive immediate notification in case of deviation.

Paper work was yesterday
Plan and manage your work orders as you go

Creation, control and documentation of work orders in digital format for relevant activities (e.g. maintenance, repair, cleaning and quality inspection). On the one hand, this provides a comprehensive digital history, and on the other hand, in simple steps, it ensures conformity to common standards (e.g. ISO 9001, BRC, IATF, FSSC).

Access management in your hands
Manage access and data security in simple steps

Provision, monitor, and control your IIoT devices and define relationships between users and devices. Role management helps create discrete user groups based on roles and enables role-based access control to the application. All your data is safely secured on a cloud server in Germany.

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