A new era of modular automation systems.

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17.10. - 21.10.2023
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Welcome to SKA

First: We are different. We are no ordinary technical partner. We are specialists for manufacturing processes at the very highest level. Meticulously accurate, precise down to a micrometer. We ensure that technical systems reliably achieve top performance. And we have been doing this with the greatest passion for many years.
This has even led us to decide to build our own automation systems under the brand "EURASIA ROBOTIC". Where every detail counts. Your manufacturing processes will also feel this dedication with us - we promise!

Feel free to take a virtual "discovery tour" through our Technikum in Dettingen an der Erms and explore our FAKUMA exhibition machine.

Thoughtful experiences
Your partner for mission critical tasks


Year´s of workforce experience

Many years of experience in the field of operational manufacturing processes in various industries.


Hour´s of service tasks

Maintenance and repair of production and logistic equipment from different manufacturers in a 24/7 customer environment.


EURASIA ROBOTIC Automation project´s

Operational experience as the driver for a better product. Over 250 finished customer projects worldwide.

IML Automation
Smart planning, optimal production
Automated revolution

Customer oriented design approach based on your needs combined with our experience. More than 250 automated robots have been developed and shipped to our happy customers.

Manufacturing IT

Intelligent production control makes all the difference and transforms contemporary production facilities into future-ready smart factories. Feel the pulse with our IT solution "BILEN ANALYTICA".

IML Automation lift
We bring together what belongs together
In top form - no matter where
Mechanical installation

Without mechanical components, nothing works in a factory. It’s not just their performance that’s important; their safety is the main thing. SKA assembles, installs individual production units and safety-relevant elements.


The relocation of production units or entire production facilities is one of the most challenging areas of factory organization. For that reason, for machine relocation, SKA draws on its entire range of planning, logistics, and human resources services to ensure that every relocation project is a thorough success.

Mould maintenance
At the right place at the right time
Keeping everything running
Production Equipment Maintenance

A production facility has to run smoothly to be good. With its technical services, SKA takes care of servicing, inspection, and preventive maintenance of entire production facilities.

Technical cleaning

Dirt and technical facilities are not compatible. SKA has been cleaning industrial facilities and machinery – especially in the food industry.

IML configuration
The best conditions for the best results
At the right place at the right time

From the boardroom to the shop floor, we can help you improve every facet of your manufacturing operation, tailoring an approach that scales from targeted enhancements to a complete reinvention of your capabilities.

Component manufacturing

Long delivery times or missing end-of-life components can affect the production in a critical way. Our supplier network and 3D printing capabilities allows us to close the gap.

The heartbeat of your production. Digital and in your hands with BILEN Analytica.
Is it the squeaky valve or the worn gears? Experts immediately get a feel for whether production is running smoothly or whether there are problems. We convert this feeling into facts & figures and make it understandable for everyone.
The full-featured IIoT Box with modular extensions. The BILEN Box allows integration of a variety of commercially available sensors (including pressure and volume, temperature, vibration, current, voltage). The modular design offers you unlimited possibilities by connecting up to 400 sensors per box.
The platform embeds security as an important aspect with tools for authorization, authentication and encryption. TLS integration encrypts all network traffic, creating a secure communication channel between the client devices and our server located in Germany.

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