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our story

How everything began
Our journey began 2014 at a local manufacturing company. A bachelor's thesis, customer complaint and a machine downtime brought us together as a team. The original formal appointment ended in a long night of exchanges after working hours. Many topics were discussed and thoughts were given free rein.

In summary, we had three major questions:
Why do machine stoppages occur despite maintenance?
How could we decrease the complexity of automation systems?
And what was originally intended as a joke - evolved to a strong product:

What if we could simplify or even eliminate the time-consuming search for air leaks with the help of sensors and create an easily understandable overview of the machines technical condition?
The evening was, so to speak, the cornerstone for the further journey of SKA up to the present day.

Kürsat, Rafail and Jan

Our journey with
Important milestones
SKA founded

Kürsat Aydinli founded SKA in the beginning of 2016. Initially, the focus of our activities was increasingly on specialized service in the plastics industry.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

In order to ensure a structured and organic growth, we have established a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

International cooperation

Avrasya and SKA join forces and establish a cooperation in the field of automation equipment and robots.

1st BILEN Prototype

Our idea became reality. We developed our first own sensor based application for an injection moulding machine.

Technikum established

Our new home in Dettingen with new space for research, development and further opportunities.


Another dream came true. EURASIA as our brand and for the 1. time we have the honor to exhibit our products at FAKUMA.

Keeping everything running
Why you should choose us

We strongly believe that the combination of operational expertise and engineering knowledge leads to better operational performance and a greater product.
You benefit from all our experience of over 40.000 hours and 765 years of combined employee experience at the highest level. From fast running sub second robots to complex automation processes. Your manufacturing processes will feel this dedication with us - we promise!