Engineered in Germany - Made in Turkey
Automated revolution

Customer oriented design approach based on your needs combined with our experience.

Our approach aims to provide our customers highly efficient and reliable automation systems with state-of-the-art components for an affordable price. Our robots are manufactured with high quality standards to meet customer needs.

Have a look on our sub second In-mould labeling robot for dairy packaging manufacturing.
Golden Series for IML
Our Strategy
Utilizing globalization to its best.

Our strategy aims to utilizes the manufacturing excellence of our Istanbul, Turkey branch combined with our engineering and operational service experties to deliver the automation system for your needs. SKA ensures the safe and reliable development process and the initial operation of the automation system at your site and is your contact in Germany for support and further after-sales services.

Automation systems

Our automation systems are bespoke and can be (retro)-fitted to most machinery and equipement. The whole system operates automatically according to the cycle reference of the machine.

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IML system

In-mould labeling robots are designed to be fitted to an injection moulding machine for packaging decoration and demoulding from the cavity.

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Packaging systems

The last part of production line is packaging. That station is also called end of line automation and provides suitable packaging for storing and shipping.

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Vision control units

Our camera systems are used to prevent the risk of shipping products with defects. In principle, these can be attached to any machine.

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Our principles
  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy accessibility
  • Quick Product changeability
  • Fast cycle times
  • No vibration & very quiet
  • 24/7 support available
Blazing performance

Sub-second robot action time. Our automation systems are designed to achieve sustainable fast cycle times and low wear.

Compact design

Space is precious. Therefore, our automation systems are designed in a space-saving and accessible way.

Stunning user interface

Easy to understand and use. Our control unit and display allows a simple interaction between machine and operator.

Transparent development process

The journey. Our customers are welcome to visit us anytime in Dettingen, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey to experience our solutions and project.

Digital and autonom

It´s alive. Our automation systems can be equipped with our BILEN Analytica solution for process monitoring.

Made with dedication

What matters most is our customers satisfaction. Our systems are made with operational excellence in mind, based on our experience.

Customer projects